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Special Projects are developed by LMVA or by the Forest Service. Most events are completed in one weekend, although occasionally a large project will take several weekends. Some examples of Special Project are: VIC renovation, Snow Play, Erosion Control ("Gully Busting"), and campground renovation including painting picnic tables, cleaning fire rings and site improvements. Two major events LMVA participated in were the renovation of the Boulder Oaks and Agua Dulce campgrounds. Other projects may include fence building, tree pruning and planting.


LMVA participated with descendents of local Native Americans to build a typical Kumeyaay dwelling, called an "ewaa."  

Recycling is an on-going LMVA Special Project.  LMVA members collect recyclables from special bins in the campgrounds, and take them to the nearest recycling center.


LMVA collects recyclables.


Wood splitting Special Project

It is gratifying to see the results of your labor by the end of a weekend! If you are interested in helping, please contact us. We notify LMVA members of scheduled special projects through Volunteer Voice articles, e-mail or phone contact, or by having the Project chair notify the members directly.