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Hiking Resource Guide

Camping and hiking opportunities abound on the mountain.  The wide range of topography and elevation give visitors an equally wide range of camping locations and recreational activities, from off-roading to a solitary hike.  From desert viewing from atop a scarp to wading across a cool stream.  From winter snowplay to camping under the stars.  Picnic areas and scenic overlooks are a treat for the day-visitor.

Desert View Overlook


Besides camping, the Recreation Area offers hiking, biking, wildlife viewing and interpretive programs in the summer.  Red-Tailed Hawks can be seen soaring in summer thermals.  Owls haunt the campgrounds, and make their presence known at night.  You might be the first person in decades to spot the endangered Laguna Skipper.

Laguna Skipper




You might be fortunate enough to catch glimpse of a bobcat on the trails.  When full, the Big and Little Laguna Lakes and Water of the Woods provide shelter and sustenance to ducks, coots and shore birds.

Get a first-hand sense of all the seasons:  The unpredictable changes from winter to spring, the cumulonimbus clouds billowing up and dumping sudden summer thunderstorms, nippy fall air and trees resplendent with autumn foliage, biting winter snowstorms, and the cycle begins anew. 

Maps and Trail Guides are available in the Visitor Center.  For more detailed information on the campgrounds and trails, click on the link at the top of this page.