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There are typically only two or three winter storms in our mountains each year that are cold and strong enough to drop snow.  When the storms move out, people flock to the mountain to frolic in the white stuff.
After the "snow-players" go away, members of the LMVA Mountain Area Removal Squad (MARS) move in.
Trash from "snow play"
It always amazes us how much litter is left behind after the snow melts.  We have found virtually every article of clothing you can think of, money, electronics (cell phones), the remains of snow play toys, even half of a surf board!  How did a coconut wind up at 6,000 feet?  We don't know, but we found it.  Fast-food and drink containers make up the bulk of the remainder of the trash.  But we once found a menu from a chinese restaurant in Chula Vista, over 60 miles away.  The trash left behind from just one snow-play event at just one of the snow-play locations on the mountain can completely fill up the back of a FS pickup.